Product Choices & Waste Reduction

Purely Salt Spring soap

We provide Purely Salt Spring soap, shampoo and conditioner in dispensers, eliminating the need for single use items like soap bars and extra packaging. Not only are these lovely products to use, the PURE line of products are sodium lauryl sulphate and paraben-free and created without dyes or synthetics. This local, family-run company uses only use high quality essential oils to scent and each product is made in small batches to ensure quality.

We use and eco-friendly cleaner and laundry detergent.

Compost & Recycling

Aloha 'Aina Farms Logo

Thanks to everyone who has so enthusiastically embraced our composting program! We have diverted many bins of waste from landfills. Our local farmers at Aloha Aina Farms are using your carefully sorted food scraps directly on their fields to grow beautiful organic food, as well as returning some compost back to the resort for our garden.

Although recycling can be a challenge on this small island, our robust program recycles paper, cardboard, glass, tin, plastic bottles, and all beer, wine and other alcohol empties.

Water & Resource Conservation

Turtle at Cusheon Lake Resort

The small lakes on Salt Spring Island are precious. We drink from their waters and enjoy them dearly. They are home to many fish, turtles, otters, birds, frogs, bugs and smaller creatures.

You might notice our water conservation efforts in the summer as we limit the water we use in our lawn, garden and landscaping, while making choices that support pollinators and native species.

To save energy, we use high efficiency LED light bulbs throughout the resort.

Our hot tub heater and many of our outdoor lights are on timers and/or photocells.

We are members and supporters of the Cusheon Lake Stewardship Committee.

How you can help reduce our environmental footprint!

  • Every time you make an effort to reduce the amount of water you use in the bathroom or kitchen you are helping keep water in the lake which makes the lake healthier.
  • You can also help us reduce water usage in laundry by reusing towels whenever appropriate.
  • A friendly reminder to turn down the heat and turn off the lights as appropriate when you leave the cabin.
  • If you drive an EV, bring that to the lake and use our EV charger.
  • Choose a sunscreen option that is healthy for you and the lake. There is a store in Ganges called “Natureworks” that carries some good choices. Unfortunately, most sunscreens contain chemicals (notably oxybenzone and all parabens are known to be damaging.) Recent studies have now indicated, as one might suspect, that freshwater lakes are also being negatively impacted. The shimmery, silky, oily gleam on the surface of the water around you where you swim after applying sunscreen does not disappear without issue. Help us spread the word!